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ABOUT US   |   Why Online Product Videos?

Online Product Vids, LLC creates Product Videos of your online product inventory as another method for your customers to view your products online when making their purchasing decisions.


Our goal is to showcase your product inventory in a unique, straight-to-the-point fashion that engages your customers by utilizing the current business model for online video advertising.  Click Here for some examples.

5 Reasons You Need Online Product Videos



Search Engine Results Ranked Higher

Hosting videos on YouTube and then embedding them on your website is a proven method for improving your website's search engine results.

Higher Social Media Shareability


Get There Before Your Competition, and Stay There gives your customers straight-to-the-point, standalone product videos that are shared across social media online. Every view, and every share, adds up over time to increase your overall product visibility online. Being first means that your Online Product Videos will be seen first and stay at the top of Google search engine results.


Your customers are more likely to share an Online Product Video of a recent purchase, as opposed to sharing your company’s overall marketing videos.

Higher Online Visibility

Your products will be more visible online due to being placed in the Top 2 Search Engines In The World (GOOGLE and YouTube)


Affordable & Cost-Effective

The Pricing Structure is set up to meet your needs without breaking the bank. utilizes a highly efficient video production method to save you money while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

How It Works  |  Pricing Structure

OPV: Basic

OPV: Premium

Individual Videos



High Volume

Discounts Apply

High Volume

Discounts Apply

$25.00 each

Starting at 20 OPV

per month @ $20 Each

Starting at

 Looking for more options?

             Need something else?

Contact our sales team for custom pricing options.


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FAQs  |  Frequently Asked Questions

Call for more information regarding Basic or Premium subscription services. Our subscription services also include a 24/7 technical support hotline to assist you with all of your OPV needs.


Yes! Please call our Customer Service Hotline  at 1-844-678-4336  for a consultation that will assist you with all of your needs.


With our monthly subscription service, you will receive 20+ Basic Online Product Videos per month. We offer month-to-month or yearly subscriptions.

Why is video important for my e-commerce website?

Countless statistics in the past few years have shown an exponential increase in the amount of click-through traffic generated from videos embedded on e-commerce websites.

Once OPV creates a 20-30 second video of my product, what happens next?

After Online Product Video acquisition is completed, the videos are uploaded to the internet one of two ways. The first possibility is that OPV will manage your YouTube page by uploading the videos, filling in such information as; Title, Keywords & Video Information and then sending an EMBED CODE to your webmaster via e-mail, so that it can be placed within your product landing pages. This comes with an additional YouTube Setup Fee*  The second possibility is that OPV will send you a direct download link to a High Definition Video File which you can use on video sharing, social media, or your own website.

What Services does OPV Provide?

OPV provides HD & 4K Product Videos for E-commerce websites, Social Media consultation services as well as YouTube setup if you wish to embed your product videos onto your website from YouTube. Please visit ‘Why Online Product Vids?’ and ‘Pricing Structure’ for more information.

How Will My Product Videos Be Shared On YouTube?

OPV offers a one-time YouTube setup fee of $250. With YouTube setup; OPV will create your YouTube channel and upload the first batch of product videos for you (Up to 25 videos) so that they are properly uploaded, titled, the description is filled out and appropriate Keywords are added. This will create a guide for you to follow for future product video uploads. If you are interested in OPV managing your YouTube account, please contact our Sales Department for more information.


My company would like fully produced commercials in addition to Online Product Videos. Is this something OPV offers? offers custom quotes for any businesses looking to create traditional videos for their website in addition Online Product Vids. Please feel free to reach out to us any time with any additional questions! 1-844-OPVIDEO (6784336)

My online store already has short 20-30 second video advertisements. How can I take advantage of OPV’s unique marketing and advertising business model?

The Old Model of online video advertisement consists primarily of 2 schools of thought. First; there are the 15, 30 and 60 second ads that summarize a business and it’s product services & offerings through a variety of methods involving complex editing, camera movement and effects, which all inevitably end up costing a significant amount. Second; there are those who choose to use the lengthy, low-budget, informational videos that have become popular in the past few years. Online Product Vids is creating a third school of thought for online video advertisement. For approximately the same cost as a well-made feature company advertisement, you can transform your entire inventory of products into an easy-to-access video library of 20-30 second videos that are specifically made to showcase the individual products themselves. And in today’s world where easy access to information is almost instantaneous, consumers are going to expect to see the entire product of their choosing up-close, and in high definition, before making an online purchasing decision. By utilizing OPV Services, you will be ahead of the curve for online video advertising.

Why is the OPV video advertising solution better than any other video advertising solution?

OPV gives your customers something nobody else provides: Straight-to-the-point, standalone product videos of your entire product inventory.

Why are short 20-30 standalone product video advertisements better for online sales when compared to fully produced advertisements that advertise my company as a whole?

Fully produced advertisements that advertise your company as a whole are good for selling the customer on the idea of shopping with your company, but are lacking in their ability to convert customers to shop on your e-commerce store. When a customer is shopping on your website, they will eventually land on a specific product information page that contains the current rating, reviews and photographs for the specific product they are looking for. Simply adding the OPV to the product information page for your customer to watch has a profound effect on their purchasing decision. Giving them a window into a virtual, rotating representation of the product in High Definition (or 4K) is only one step removed from having them hold that actual product in their own hands.

What is 4K? Why is it better? And, Why is it more expensive?

• 4K is an acronym that simply stands for, “4 times the resolution of High Definition.”  To get technical; HD signals are typically 1280x720, 1920x1080 resolution.   4K signals are 3840x2160 & 4096x2160 resolution.

• Right now very few streaming video websites support 4K. YouTube is one of them. People are attracted to what’s new, and furthermore it looks better when displayed on 4K compatible displays.

• 4K, UHD, or UltraHD, Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular for home entertainment use. These TVs are connected to the internet via a multitude of applications, including YouTube.

• 4K cameras are expensive and each 4K video requires additional hard-drive space, thereby increasing production costs.

Once created; where can my OPVs be displayed?

• Each individual product information page on your website.

• Your YouTube Channel

• Any video streaming streaming site including but not limited to; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. (Instagram Videos are limited to 15 seconds)

• Any HD Smart TV

• Any OTT Device such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast , etc

• Any Mobile Device

Who can utilize OPV Services?

• E-commerce

• Brick and Click (Ecommerce plus Storefront)

• Any Brick & Mortar Store Looking To Expand To Online Business

• Anyone who has a product that they want to sell online

How do OPV services push my e-commerce inventory to the top page of search engine results?

Right now the top search engine in the world is Google. Google owns YouTube. By integrating your entire product inventory with YouTube you are taking advantage of the way Google sorts video search results higher than text, or photo-based search results. You are also giving yourself a competitive edge by being the first-to-market with this new approach to online video advertising.

I have a variety of items in my online store that are marked for $5.00 or less. What options will OPV provide for my $5.00 or under product inventory?

OPV can provide custom quotes for inventories that fall outside our standard pricing model due to individual product price, size, shape, etc.  We also have options for providing multiple products in a single video. Please feel free to reach out to us any time with any additional questions!

Are there any restrictions for creating Online Product Videos?

YouTube has a list of products that cannot be advertised at the following link:  Click Here


However; if you choose to host the videos on your website’s database, there are ZERO limitations or restrictions to hosting online product videos.


Portfolio |  Some Of Our Work



Description: Online Product Vids, LLC provided MailPix with our unique video advertising solution. Please click below to see an example on their website.



Description: Online Product Vids, LLC provided WinkFlash with our unique video advertising solution. Please click below to see an exvample on their website.



Description: Online Product Vids, LLC provided with our unique video advertising solution. Please click below to see an example on their website.

Samples |  Basic OPV

Please visit our YouTube channel for more examples

Samples |  Premium OPV

Basic Sample: Apparel

Premium Sample: 1

Basic Sample: Glassware

Premium Sample: 2

Basic Sample: Furniture

Premium Sample: 3

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